5 Steps to Raise Your Standard and Regain Your Power

raise_standard_blog_post_1I have something to confess.  I’m a motivational speaker junkie.  Anything relating to ‘becoming your best self’ or ‘unleashing your inner beast’, I’m all over it.  All the time.  I literally started listening to that kind of goodness when I would go running.  One word.  Glorious.

It comes as no surprise, then, that I’ve been thinking a lot about something I heard Tony Robbins once say; “we act consistently with, and ultimately become who we believe we are”.  I’ve heard it before, but for some reason this time it just stuck.  Have you ever had that?  You could’ve heard something fourteen times, but just that one time, it rattled something within you.

Anyways, this got me really thinking about limiting beliefs: you know, those pesky little thoughts in our minds about what we believe we deserve.  Most of the time, we limit ourselves based off our current circumstances, am I right?  Well what the hell?!  When did I stop believing I deserved the world, or even that I was worthy of it?  What has been standing in my way?  As Mel Robbins so nicely put it, it’s the bullshit excuses I tell myself that I can’t have it.  (Her Ted talk, by the way, is amazing, which you can find here).  If you’re reading this, I bet you’re right there with me.

Well, that’s all about to change, my friends, thanks to our friend, Mr. Robbins.  After watching dozens of his coaching sessions, I have compiled some steps that you can take to help regain your power, or as Mr. Robbins calls it, steps to help Raise Your Standard, which ultimately, helps you reshape your beliefs.  I know they work cause hey, I’ve been doing them and they’ve worked for me too!  So what you’ll need to do is grab a pen and paper and be 100% brutally honest with yourself.  Literally that’s the only way this works.  Stop making excuses or not being honest with yourself.  Just stop.  Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, lezzzz go!!!!

  • Pick an area of your life you want to focus on, something that you want to improve.  This could be anything; career, finances, relationship, etc.
  • Write down what your life is like in that area as specifically as possible.
    • Write the truth about where you are right now.
  • What are the rituals that have put me there? Be honest.  Something you do consistently
  • What do you want, what is your vision?  Be as specific as possible
  • What are the rituals you need to get you there? (Remember: willpower doesn’t last but rituals do)
  • Do 2 or 3 new things to get you there, don’t try to do everything all at once, just take action

With these steps, let me give you an example to kind of give you a mental picture of what you’re writing down.

  • I want to focus on losing weight and getting healthy
  • Right now, I am currently 12.2 lbs over weight and can’t fit into my size 8 jeans
  • I only go to the gym when I have time which is rare and I don’t track what I eat, I just eat when I’m hungry
  • I want to get back to my boxing weight.  I want to be fast, increase my endurance, and feel stronger.  I want to see my muscles when I flex, and I want to fit comfortably in my jeans
  • I will sign up for the boxing gym down the street and go at least twice a week.  I will track what I eat once a week and once I get in the habit, I will increase my days boxing and tracking.

I’m not going to lie, this isn’t the most glamorous exercise because I’m going to bet no one likes to get brutally honest with themselves.  I sure don’t!  But I also kind of felt a healing power in it because it’s now, that we’re going to regain our power and dig into who we know we can become and change our beliefs on what we think we deserve.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give it a shot and let me know how it goes for you!  Are you ready to take action and change your life?  What goals are you wanting to reach and what are the 2-3 things you’re going to do to reach the goals?  Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

Oh!  I almost forgot.  If you’re wanting to watch the coaching session with Tony Robbins, you can find it here. I honestly recommend anything he puts out, he is just awe inspiring!

Until next time babes!

xx Ash


So…I Did a Thing

That’s normally the first thing I say to my best friends after doing something questionable or crazy, and thankfully enough, the judgments weren’t always as
harsh as anticipated. They always have my back, these great friends of mine. This phrase has also probably been used more times than not when I try a workout class/
diet/career for the first time.

Now, just to get this disclaimer out of the way, I am a personal trainer on the side. That’s right, I kick people’s butts and make them cry and get to call it my job.
(Okay but sidenote on that, I’ve never actually had someone cry. Been cursed at, sure. But never made them cry. Cause I’m not mean. Sometimes.)

For as long as I  can remember, I yo-yo’d like the best of them, and then finally got it together and decided to take massive action and learn how to keep myself in shape, and help people along the way. Because of that, I have tried literally probably any class you can think of for moral support.
Barre? Check.  And the instructor kept coming over to fix my form.  She didn’t believe I don’t bend like that…

hot-yoga-class-01Hot yoga? Check.  I’ve never wanted ice cream so much in my life

pole_fitness_1Pole dancing? To the horror of some, check.  One of the girls in class asked me if it was my first time and when I said yes she laughed and said “oh honey, you’re gonna be feeling it tomorrow”.  Homegirl wasn’t lying.

And yet somehow, I’m always the chosen one to ‘go with’ people because they don’t want to go along. Do I hate it? Absolutely not.  I am ALWAYS down to try anything once. Within reason. Let’s not get crazy here.

Why do I tell you this? Well, here’s the reason I’m writing this post, cause I’m gonna tell you something insane. Earth shattering maybe. I suck at completely
following through on things. Wait for it…even on fitness. I can do workouts just fine. I can go to a class and have someone kick my trash, or I can kick my own,
that’s perfectly fine. I realized, though, that for some unanswered question in the universe, I have the HARDEST time doing 100% on nutrition. I’m even
nutrition certified, I mean come on! I know this may be hard for some of y’all to take in because personal trainers are supposed to be Gods and Goddesses of the
Earth! We’re perfect, right?! Ummm….no. And believe me, I’ve done all the diets as well!

whole_30 Whole30? Check.

iifymIIFYM? Check.

weight_watchersWeight Watchers? Check.

I never really realized I don’t follow through until Mr. Man, God bless him, mentioned it to me one time. I was talking about how I thought I would do Whole 30 again
because my skin has been acting a fool (that’s another story for another day *holy eye roll*). At first he was like ‘yeah go for it! You’ve got this’ and then when
I was probably a week in and was like psssshhhhh he said he was wondering how I’d make it without bread. Okay. First of all, bread is life. So he may have been
warranted on that. But secondly, that’s not a good rep to have. Not a good one at all.

So here I am, laptop and all, ready to take on a new challenge and give it my total and 100%, because let’s face it, the holidays are here and homegirl doesn’t look good with 14 chins in pictures. I am here ready to give you raw and real as I find different challenges and adventures, and I’m going to document the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Starting tomorrow, I will be doing Paleo 100% no ifs-ands-or-buts, for 30 days. Also, I realize that’s during Christmas but imma just have to suck it up on that one. Plus, Pinterest is a godsend and don’t even worry, I have a board full of Paleo treats.

That being said, here’s my challenge for you! Do you want to ride this wave with me? Do you want me to try a class so I can be embarrassed so you don’t have to?
I am SO ready. Challenge me, I dare ya!! But maybe let’s be nice at first, I’m not the most coordinated; hence my hip-hop class where I learned I wasn’t as good as
I thought I was and ended up just trying to get laughs at the end.

So folks, whatchya got for me?? Send ’em over and stay tuned for when I document how it went! Videos may be included, which is ALWAYS a good time to watch someone
make a fool of themselves lol

Until next time babes!

xx Ash